Ranking of the best solitaire games

Last update : 06/15/2024 02:45

Top  Username  Time  Score  Date 
143player6246...01:33.6631.14K01/11/2024 13:11
994player1051...02:43.1351.14K05/07/2024 17:54
588player1161...02:09.3971.14K06/06/2024 20:19
271player7064...01:44.4421.14K02/05/2024 23:07
964player4700...02:40.9711.14K10/31/2023 02:59
14player5933...01:13.0781.14K01/03/2024 07:18
1267player9345...03:06.4311.15K04/07/2024 02:47
623player9116...02:12.8441.15K04/01/2024 00:57
115player5648...01:31.7071.15K12/23/2023 21:07
1121player9364...02:53.8331.15K04/07/2024 23:03
1349player9015...03:11.7071.16K03/28/2024 11:36
494player9042...02:00.3461.16K03/29/2024 03:15
274player5221...01:44.6771.16K11/27/2023 15:35
1164player5184...02:58.0301.16K11/25/2023 15:43
753player1101...02:24.6891.16K05/22/2024 19:13
550player9563...02:06.0471.16K04/13/2024 12:24
458player8729...01:58.4541.16K03/20/2024 17:04
611player1097...02:11.8671.16K05/21/2024 18:31
277player1006...01:44.9551.16K04/25/2024 13:07
1163player695702:581.16K12/11/2022 19:12

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